A very efficient betting strategy : The Cash in

The vast majority of those who bet on sports are hoping to see the match live and root for the favorite team or athlete as the game unfolds. If the outcome is positive, this is a great way to enjoy the match and celebrate victory, but when things take a turn for the worse, the feelings are awful. The adrenaline rush is not the only reason for why it is worth watching the matches live, because real-time betting presents players with great opportunities to maximize profits.

What is the cash in strategy?

The most straightforward way of making profit by betting live is to watch the events and take advantage of the fast-moving odds. The Cash In strategy is slightly different, because it implies that the punter has already placed the wager and is waiting for the predicted outcome to become a reality. Most online bookmakers are now allowing their members to lock in on existing profits, by cashing in without actually waiting for the match to come to an end.

The procedure itself is very simple, because players close open bets and take the money offered by the bookmaker, without waiting for the final whistle. The trick is that some online gambling operators are offering ridiculously low Cash In rates, that make it unprofitable to close the bets in real-time. That’s why it is recommended to focus on betting exchanges such as Betfair if you prefer the strategy, because they offer odds that are very close to the real value.

Is it worth closing losing wagers?

In most cases, players will use the Cash In strategy to lock into profits, which means that they close the bets when their team is leading. This will allow them to make some money while minimizing the risks, but the question is whether there is any point in closing those bets that are not going as planned.

The downside is that bookies usually offer only a fraction of the initial investment, so in most cases it is better to go down with the ship than to take this consolation prize. The exception to the rule is provided by those situations when you have an accumulator wager and you don’t want to have one match mess up your entire scheme. In this case, the Cash In is simply used to cut down on losses and is reduced to an exit strategy.

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