Betfair casino and NetEnt shake hands

Game Twist casino is famous for its betting exchange, providing players with a chance of wagering at odds that netentergreatly exceed industry standards.

Instead of worrying about the prospect of losing money with game twist on the long run due to the proverbial house edge, punters can compete against each other.

They choose how high the odds get and have more options for each bet, which is a win-win situation that explains the popularity of the bookmaker.

The casino division is also thriving and the future looks bright, because Betfair has recently announced a partnership with NetEnt. These guys are behind some of the best online casino games and have a reputation for awarding some of the biggest progressive jackpots.

The NetEnt CasinoModule is going to power the games at Betfair casino, which means that new and existing members will benefit from a leading edge gaming system.

The graphics have been revamped and all casino games can now be played both on mobile devices and straight in the browser. The powerful bonus program applies to all of them, with promotions running live and players don’t have any restrictions whatsoever.

To further enhance the gaming experience for their members, Betfair casino will quickly implement the Back Office CasinoModule that is the trademark of NetEntertainment.
The new partnership will benefit both parties, with the software developer further expanding and proliferating its titles on an immensely popular platform.

On the other hand, those who have an account with Betfair casino will benefit from the highly customizable casino and a user-friendly interface. Net Entertainment is trying to expand beyond the European Union borders, but for the time being they are becoming a big player in the United Kingdom.

Björn Krantz who is the Chief of GMO and MD at Net Entertainment Malta Ltd stated his satisfaction for the two ventures shaking hands. He commented on the positive outlooks and reiterated his desire to turn this new partnership into a long-term, mutually beneficial deal.

By appealing to Betfair’s global player base with a comprehensive selection of new games, they are confident that the biggest winners will be the players themselves.
The partnership between NetEnt’s and Betfair has already delivered positive results, with the online casino greatly expanded its collection of slot games.

The software developer has an impressive gaming portfolio and players get to tap into the comprehensive collection of titles. The fact that they can compete for progressive jackpots, with some of them spanning over the entire NetEnt network, means that the lucky winners can become millionaires virtually overnight.