Mr Green Casino is a team player

If you had any doubts about Mr Green Casino encouraging people to step outside every now and then and experience the thrills of sports, now youlrgreeen will have the ultimate proof service to you.

The online casino Mr green has routinely provided its members with incentives to play basketball among other sports and today it made yet another step in the right direction.

Mr Green decided that time has come for its employees to assemble a competitive basketball team and they chose Malta as the place to take on this new challenge. The location is excellent for this purpose, because the local championship provides them with a chance to hone their skills and learn while they play. It goes without saying that the sunny island is also a great place for sports throughout the year, with the new team starting from rock bottom and having high expectations.

Their members realize that in order to succeed, you need to start small and that’s why the newly formed basketball team will be playing for a while in the second division of the senior men’s league.

It will take some time until they will be strong enough to promote the first flight, but with team players that are ambitious enough to shatter all obstacles, the future looks bright.

They already decided for a name and from now on the basketball team will be called “Mellieha Mr Green”, a name that was announced to the audience through the weekly press releases. They’ve got a long way to go and the online casino admits that without substance, style is not that important so they set reasonable goals. The website itself is visually appealing and the same goes for the campaigns ran by the gambling operator, so don’t be surprised if the basketball players will always dress sharp.

The first match was already played and despite facing a competitive side, Mr Green recorded the first victory in the Maltese championship. They scored 65 points while limiting opponents to only 42, a victory that will surely bolster their morale and prepare them for the upcoming challenges.

The Hibs will be there next opponents on Saturateur and the information about this match will be made available on the official website, immediately after the game concludes.

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